Elif and Duman the cat.

Woman orders a small burger and fries for her rescue cat

A pet owner who decided to treat her rescue cat to a burger and fries has captured the imagination of fans on social media.

While few vets would recommend feeding your feline a fast food diet, few would blame Duman the cat for such a treat, considering what he’s been through.

“I found him on the side of the road,” said the cat’s owner, Elif, a 24-year-old saleswoman living in Istanbul, Turkey. Newsweek. “He was in a very bad condition. He still has a bad eye left over from the infections he had.”

Duman, which means “smoke” in Turkish, was named after a group Elif saw the night she found it. Although it took time and care from his new human companion, the brave cat made a miraculous recovery.

“He’s 5 now, he’s quite playful and grumpy at times,” Elif said. “He is very fond of food too, as you may have noticed.”

Elif and Duman the cat.
Elif and Duman the cat – Duman was in a terrible state when Elif saved him. Duman went viral on social media after his landlord ordered him a miniature fast food meal so he wouldn’t steal his.

It’s Duman’s love of bread and meat – something Elif suspects she learned from her wandering life – that has seen the cat become a social media sensation.

“I found out about his love of burgers that once he stole my burger off the plate when I wasn’t looking,” she explained. “I mainly give him cat food, but he sometimes likes bread and meat. I give him some as treats, but I don’t overdo it because the sodium is high in these meats and could affect his health. “

One night last year, Elif was about to order takeout from Ercan Burger when she noticed Duman giving her his familiar “foodie look.”

That’s when she got the idea to add a note to her order asking them to include “a mini burger for my cat.”

“I honestly didn’t know if this would work, but I added it as a note for fun,” she said. “Then my order came and there was an extra mini burger and fries for my cat too!”

As Duman happily glided along, Elif shared a photo showing a screenshot of her request and the resulting delivery. The post went viral in Turkey, racking up over 3,000 retweets and over 130,000 likes.

However, it was not until the beginning of the month that the same message was shared on social networks by Memes I would like to tag my cat In, that the incident caught the attention of many English-speaking pet owners.

This tweet generated over 64,000 retweets and over 440,000 likes, along with an overabundance of comments and photos from other cat lovers.

Txurini, was one of many who found the storyline entirely relatable, writing, “It’s so cute. I normally have to feed my cat all my food!”

Mercutiax commented: “My late beloved cat mMrky LOVED Arby’s. it became a battle when we were bringing home roast beef. Eventually we just started ordering him his own Arby’s jr.”

Infindox, meanwhile, wrote: “Reminds me of my previous cat, she loved all things charcuterie but especially ham. Never got to order a sub without her trying to sneak a bite in.”

Of course, there were a few dissenting voices.

GeeManInKC warned: “Pets cannot process our food and after a few years your dog or cat will develop pancreatitis – very painful – and will need surgery to correct what is wrong.”

However, the response was, for the most part, positive.

Asli Tumerkan commented, “That’s SO cute” while Takiro_Ryo was “impressed that they have buns in stock.”

Elif said that while many of the replies were “fun to read” and it was great to see photos of chubby cats enjoying the food, some of the critical comments were “a bit surprising”.

“Some people were mad at me saying I was hurting my cat by feeding burgers like he ate them every day,” she said. “It was supposed to be funny and lift people’s spirits, but I guess there will always be those people spreading negativity.”

In the end, for her, only two things mattered.

“He liked it and I was able to eat my own burger in peace,” she confirmed.

Duman the cat enjoying a small burger.
Duman the cat enjoying a small burger – the rescue cat’s take-out treat has gone viral on Twitter

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