Washing machine in a utility room.

Woman cuts internet by painting washing machine purple

If you’re tired of the same old white/silver/black color that most home appliances come in, you’ll appreciate what this surfer has done.

A recent social media post went viral after a user shared a video of her painting her washing machine purple.

Using the username reka_thornton_home, the woman shared the Instagram post on June 2, 2022, along with an onscreen caption of “My husband told me not to paint the washing machine pink… It’s purple then!”

Since its publication, the short clip has already received more than half a million likes on Instagram, as well as 2,357 comments.

Washing machine in a utility room.
Image of a washing machine placed in a tidy utility room, with neatly folded towels on top of the machine. A woman is breaking the internet by painting a washing machine purple.
Getty Images/Liudmila Chernetska

The short video shows a woman using a roller to paint her washing machine purple, before showing the final result of her appearance in her kitchen.

In the accompanying caption, she poked fun at her hubby’s request while describing her process, “Hehe, didn’t he say it couldn’t be another color!? Here’s how I did done: cleaned my washing machine *Painted the machine with chalk paint (2 coats) *Used indoor/outdoor clear lacquer to seal it *We had tile adhesive splatter all over the place, and it didn’t didn’t chip the machine, I’ve also washed it now, and it’s still perfect * We loved it so much I painted the dishwasher, the extractor hood and my spice rack too! Oops”, said the caption.

The post was inundated with waves of positivity in the form of comments from amazed Instagram users:

“Ah, that looks great! (Could have been green though),” one user joked.

“Love it, such a good choice of colors, it’s beautiful,” wrote another.

“You are very brave! This looks fabulous,” one Instagram commenter exclaimed.

Several users took the opportunity to join in the joke on the original poster’s (OP) husband’s request: “He needs to be more specific if he wants people to follow his requests!” wrote an Instagram user.

However, some Instagram users seemed agitated by the caption:

“Why wouldn’t you want him to feel comfortable in his own home? Sad,” one comment read. The OP simply replied, “It’s a joke, relax.”

According to the rest of reka_thornton_home’s Instagram profile, this wasn’t the first time she opted for bright decor in her home.

For example, one of his other posts shows that his bedroom is decorated with a bright pink bed, a yellow bedside table and sky blue wallpaper covered in floral patterns.

According to Statista, washing machines are among the appliances Americans are least likely to upgrade. For example, approximately 73% of survey respondents indicated that they had already replaced or were planning to replace their fridge/freezer.

On the other hand, only 12% indicated the same wish to modernize their current washing machine.

It wouldn’t be the first time a DIY project has made the rounds of the internet. Newsweek previously covered the story of a woman who remodeled her driveway for just $200, while Newsweek also discovered a man who was using old pallets to build a bowling alley in his backyard.

Newsweek contacted reka_thornton_home for comment.

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