Reduce your internet costs? There are new options in the valley

PHOENIX – For many in the Valley, Cox and Century Link have been two of our home internet choices.

But those options are changing soon.

T-Mobile and Verizon now offer 5G home internet service, depending on where you live.

They promise fast speeds at comparable prices and connect through cell towers.

Century Link and Cox use wires or phone lines, but there are other differences.

We’ve grown accustomed to monthly equipment rental fees, contracts with hefty early termination fees, and special pricing now not later.

It was frustrating for many.

T-Mobile and Verizon say they avoid this, for the most part.

With both services, the advertised plan fee covers all costs, including the one piece of equipment, a gateway (modem/router combination).

And since you just plug it in, there are no service fees or contracts.

T-Mobile does not guarantee prices, Verizon offers plans that do. It all depends on your location.

At home, Verizon charges $60 per month, $50 with autopay, and $25 if you have one of the 8 Verizon phone plans.

Verizon promises 5G service, up to 300 megabits per second (MBPS) download speeds.

T-Mobile costs $50 per month with autopay, another $5 without, and $30 if you have their Magenta Max voice plan.

Their downloads go up to 182 MBPS downloads.

T-Mobile and Verizon are both offering up to $500 if you’re charged a termination fee to switch.

Cox charges different prices for plans up to 1GB of MPBS downloads.

Their advertised “up to” 250 MBPS plan is $49.99 per month excluding fees and taxes.

They now offer free equipment with these prices set for two years and without a contract.

Century Link offers speeds of up to 980 MBPS for $65 per month. But at my address, the fastest plan is up to 100 MBPS for downloads.

The cost is $50 per month with automatic payment excluding fees and taxes. Add $15 monthly fee if you rent Century Link equipment.

Which is the fastest? I have read mixed reviews. So I need your help.

Log your internet speed, give me the name of your provider and email it to me at joe@abc15.com.

Click here to test the speed of your home internet connection.

Test your speeds several times during the week, at different times on different days.



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