Parrot's answering machine goes viral on TikTok

Parrots answer the phone to ease the vet’s understaffing, which delights the internet

A video of a parrot answering the phone at a veterinary hospital has gone viral on social media.

Posted on TikTok, a vet tech named Liz, under the username @lizvetexoticstech, shares a comedic video of a parrot saying “hello” in a monotonous voice when one of the employees answers the phone.

“Veterinary hospitals are understaffed, we trained birds to answer the phone,” she wrote in the video. Currently, the popular post has received over 188,000 likes and has been viewed over 1.9 million times.

“There’s a solution to every problem,” Liz captioned the video.

Many TikTok users voiced their opinions in the comments section, joking about the parrot sound.

“He sounds so on it,” one joked.

“He goes looking for jobs on his 30 minute lunch break,” another wrote.

“I bet he takes smoke breaks and doesn’t give f#@&,” another user commented.

One user said, “You should train him to say please wait.”

“This video brought me so much joy,” exclaimed one user.

Parrot's answering machine goes viral on TikTok
A video of a parrot answering the phone at a veterinary hospital is going viral on TikTok and has been viewed over a million times.
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The Animal Humane Society’s TikTok account chimed in to see if the parrot is available: “We are currently hiring and we think this might be a perfect fit. Can he give us a call or should we give you a ‘wing’ regarding this opportunity job?”

“Exactly my level of enthusiasm to answer the phone,” wrote another.

One account asked why animal hospitals are understaffed: “I called a couple yesterday to bring my dog ​​and 3 told me they were understaffed.”

“Everyone is exhausted and leaving the field unfortunately,” Liz replied.

Many veterinary hospitals have had staffing issues for years. Emergency clinics are struggling to find staff as they continue to have an increase in new patients, which means some people will have to wait a while for appointments. Current staff are feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Parrots are part of the family of birds called Psittacidae. Within the family, there are more than 330 different species. Birds are also a common pet in the United States. In 2017, there were over 20 million pet birds in the country.

Have you ever wondered how parrots imitate people’s tongues? Parrots are social creatures and have a “highly developed sense of hearing,” according to pet website The Nest. They have thick tongues and have a syrinx. A syrinx splits into two directions that allow air to pass through them between the voice box and the bronchi. The parrot then moves its tongue to speak.

Newsweek contacted @lizvetexoticstech for comment.

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