nordvpn mesh network

NordVPN Meshnet: Virtual LAN, File Sharing, and Internet Traffic Routing

NordVPN launched Meshnet today, a new option integrated into the company’s NordVPN app. Meshnet allows users to connect directly to other devices, belonging to themselves or to family members, friends or colleagues.

nordvpn mesh network

NordVPN highlights three main use cases for Meshnet:

  1. Internet Traffic Routing — Internet traffic can be routed through a connected device, for example, a family member’s laptop at home, a work PC that is online all the time, or the from a friend. Traffic routing is available on Linux and Windows machines only at the time of writing.
  2. Games — Meshnet is a virtual LAN network, which means that all connected devices can play LAN games without using LAN cables or being present in the same place.
  3. File Sharing — Users can send or receive files using Meshnet.

Many modern computer games require internet connectivity for multiplayer. Most older games and even some newer games support LAN connections for multiplayer, some support LAN but not internet multiplayer. Programs like Hamachi and other virtual LAN applications have been used in the past to play LAN games online. Meshnet adds a new option to the list of services that provide the functionality.

The latest version of the NordVPN app already includes Meshnet. It’s based on NordLynx, NordVPN’s protocol, and linked devices are limited to 60 in total. 10 of the devices can belong to the NordVPN customer, 50 can be external devices from other NordVPN users.

nordvpn mesh network app

Clicking the Meshnet icon in the desktop version loads introductory pages that explain the feature. Devices are identified by a unique “Nord” name and a custom IP address that is assigned to each device.

NordVPN highlights the dangers of routing traffic through another device, that activity can be monitored and traffic from others that is routed through the device appears as the user’s to the ISP .

Meshnet displays all devices, those controlling the client and external devices, on the screen. Options for linking new devices are provided on the. Installation and most of the configuration is handled automatically by the NordVPN app, which greatly simplifies setup.

Closing words

NordVPN Meshnet adds a new feature to NordVPN, which gives customers new options in addition to connecting to VPN servers. The service is free, and 60 devices is generous and sufficient for many use cases.

File sharing, gaming, and Internet access are the three main use cases for Meshnet. One of the main drawbacks is that all users need a NordVPN account and subscription to use the new service. While this isn’t an issue for customer-owned devices, it can be a hindrance for gaming or file sharing.

Check the Meshnet page on the NordVPN website for more information. Meshnet is the second major service addition NordVPN launched in 2022. The first was Threat Protection.

Now you: what do you think of Meshnet?


NordVPN Meshnet: Virtual LAN, File Sharing, and Internet Traffic Routing

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NordVPN Meshnet: Virtual LAN, File Sharing, and Internet Traffic Routing

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NordVPN Meshnet is a free addition to the VPN service that allows customers to use it for VLANs, file sharing, and Internet traffic routing.


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