Melissa Joan Hart shared an unflattering magazine photo that always makes her

Melissa Joan Hart on magazine body shaming after pregnancy

Melissa Joan Hart shared an unflattering magazine photo that always makes her

Melissa Joan Hart has shared an unflattering magazine photo that always drives her “crazy”. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Melissa Joan Hart is still ‘crazy’ over an unflattering photo of her that was supposed to shame her for gaining weight.

In an Instagram post on Friday, the Sabrina, the teenage witch alum shared a 2009 paparazzi photo of herself at the beach with her family. The second photo in the message revealed that a problem with People The magazine that same year had used a photo of her on that beach trip as the “before” photo of her weight loss journey.

“I just found this picture the paparazzi took of me on the beach in Malibu when I was three weeks away from having baby Brady,” the mom-of-three caption began. “If you drag the picture over it, you’ll see the picture they use on the cover of celebrity magazine to trick people into thinking I was heavier than I actually was.”

She shared that “reviewing this pic is driving me crazy because even with the extra baby weight, I don’t hate how I look here.”

“I feel like the pendulum is swinging right now for people to gain and lose weight without a lot of hate being spewed,” she noted, “but let’s keep giving each other AND to OURSELVES the grace to be who we are and to want/need to be!”

Hart’s comments resonated with her Instagram followers, including her former co-stars. Elisa Donovan – who played Sabrina Morgan’s roommate on Sabrina, the teenage witch and was candid about his battle with anorexia – Hart applauded for his words.

“It makes me [angry] on so many levels,” Donovan wrote. “The focus on women’s bodies and their appearance is criminal and insidious. And as a parent of a daughter, this is something I constantly have to be aware of and untangle/unlearn all the BS that permeates the media!!! I could scream! You are a beautiful mom in every way!

Another follower wrote, “I remember when this magazine came out and I was so bored! Not from your point of view, but from the fact that they had the audacity to use the word “horrifying” to describe a photo of an actual human being. Three weeks after having a baby, thriving and absolutely gorgeous as always; should be praised, not used in a negative way. Plus, this beach swimsuit is gorgeous! I love the color.

A third shared: ‘That’s why so many people think they need to lose all the baby weight. I had my daughter 11 years ago and even though I lost weight, I didn’t lose my “baby pouch” which is good!”

Hart has previously talked about trying to have a healthy body image. In a 2019 interview with Us Weekly, she revealed that agents once told her to lose weight to succeed in Hollywood. Although she said she always felt she was a “pretty healthy weight”, she has other insecurities that she is working to overcome.

“I have a very good body image,” she explained at the time. “But I definitely have things I wish I could change and things that bring me down. For example, I hate my neck – when I notice people with nice jawlines, I want that. But I don’t know if anyone “No one really notices my neck besides me. I’m trying to put that into perspective.”

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