Marion Barber III's cause of death was heatstroke, coroner says

Marion Barber III’s cause of death was heatstroke, coroner says

The Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled that former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber III died of heat stroke, according to a copy of the autopsy report obtained Monday by USA TODAY Sports. .

His death was ruled accidental.

Barber, 38, was found dead in a Dallas apartment on June 1. According to an incident report released by the Frisco Police Department, officers were called to the scene after another apartment complex tenant reported a water leak from Barber’s unit. Apartment staff were subsequently unable to contact Barber and the unit was locked from the inside.

According to the autopsy report, one of the bathtub faucets in Barber’s apartment was working when officers arrived, and the fixture’s thermostat was set at 91 degrees with the heat set to “on.” Officers also found exercise equipment in the unit.

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