Photoshopped giraffe dress

Man’s Ridiculous Alterations to Wife’s Outfits Entertain Internet: ‘Not Useful’

A husband’s hilarious reaction to his wife’s potential outfits went viral online as she shared that he impressively photoshopped the photos to show what he was really thinking.

Adele Barbaro has gained more than 3.6 million views online after showing the funny way her husband gives his true opinion on his shopping finds. It’s a relatable situation for those whose partners don’t really appreciate their stylistic choices, albeit a lot funnier.

“I stopped texting my husband to get his opinion on what clothes I want to buy. His replies don’t help me,” Barbaro wrote in the caption of the video.

For Barbaro though, her husband goes the extra mile to get his opinion across, taking the time to personally photoshop her in scenarios where he feels the clothes match. Thanks to her photography skills, Barbaro finds herself in famous paintings and sitting with celebrities, depending on what she’s wearing.

Photoshopped giraffe dress
A wife is going viral on TikTok after showing off her husband’s Photoshops when she asks his opinion on his outfits. Inset Image: Image of a woman in a giraffe print dress. Background image: stock image of giraffes.
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A giraffe-print dress turned her into the animal itself in a bunch of others while a tiger-decorated t-shirt paired her with tiger king star Joe Exotic clutching his leg.

Overalls took her to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s reality show simple life and even a simple floral dress couldn’t escape photoshopping. Barbaro’s husband turned it into a giant bouquet.

A fuchsia dress apparently looked like a satin duvet for Barbaro’s disapproving husband and a blue patterned dress had a Van Gogh twist as it became the famous Starry Night painting – with its altered face and legs, of course.

His extreme efforts were praised online as viewers found humor in his hilarious photoshops.

“I respect the effort he put into this,” one user wrote.

“You never know what’s going to happen next,” added another.

“He’s actually very imaginative, creative and funny,” one impressed TikTok viewer noted.

Another viewer wrote, “I’m sorry but this is too good! Hey at least he really thought and commented on the outfit instead of ‘this looks so sweet’.”

Last year, a relatable husband and wife situation also took TikTok by storm when he showed the detailed step-by-step cooking instructions she left him to follow.

Wife Linsday Acevedo left a six-point Post-It note with instructions on how to cook dinner, including a simple ‘plug-in slow cooker’.

“2. Pour in oil and vinegar. 3. Put chicken in slow cooker (all 3 breasts.) 4. Top with spices (pour in all.) 5. Set to high heat – 3 hours,” continued the instructions.

Acevado even distributed seasoning and marinades, in a scene that, much like Barbaro and his purchases, is linked to many.

Newsweek has contacted Adele Barbaro for comment.

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