Linda Skeens Is Internet Famous After VA-KY District Fair

Linda Skeens has become an internet legend after nearly sweeping the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair pageants.

Linda Skeens has become an internet legend after nearly sweeping the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair pageants.

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Little is known about Linda Skeens, but it’s easy to dream about what it’s like back home.

The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies rises from the kitchen to the living space. That first bite into one of her savory breads provides a mouthful of pure joy.

The sound of Mrs. Skeens dicing and chopping all the fresh produce that comes her way to make her satisfying canned vegetables and fruit.

Linda Skeens might as well be an internet fable — a majestic chef who knows sauerkraut as well as strawberry fudge.

But she’s as real as the dozens of awards she won at the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair last month. Linda Skeens – colloquially known online by her now famous full name – became an internet icon after those triumphs.

“If it can be done, she can do it,” Franki Skeens, Linda’s granddaughter, told The Washington Post. “I don’t know how she does it. There are never leftovers. »

Her granddaughter said Linda lives in Russell County, Va., and has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Linda Skeens’ journey to internet fame began on June 13 when the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair began listing the winners of its contests. Skeens’ name was everywhere.

She won relish, jelly, and jam contests; showed off its prowess in the baking categories by sweeping the cookie and bread categories; and excelled with its entrees of sweets, cakes and pies.

She won 25 of the 29 categories she entered, show spokeswoman Jennifer Sturgill told Today.

These posts from the Wise Fair in Virginia, located just a few miles from southeast Kentucky, have gone viral. And along the way, the internet wanted to know one thing.

“Linda Skeens, where are you? ! Internet we need to find #lindaskeens,” a woman said in one of many TikTok videos about the new internet legend.

She has not done any interviews and it does not seem that she is present on social networks.

There is a Linda Skeens in Dublin, Virginia, but she confessed that she is not the one known on the internet.

“I’m not the baking phenom Linda Skeens who won all the ribbons at the Kentucky District Fair in Virginia,” the other Linda Skeens said. “I really wish I was, because I was contacted by people from Pennsylvania inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner and offering to pay my way there, I heard about a nice guy from Indonesia and all kinds of WONDERFUL people CONVINCED that’s me!!But, alas, I’m not the one.

Commentators can’t get enough of the superheroine Skeens. Many have compared her to Chuck Norris, the revered badass who became one of the first internet memes.

“Linda Skeens is my new idol,” said one woman.

“They should rename it Linda Skeens VA KY District Fair,” another commenter said.

Jennifer Mulliens, a member of the fair’s committee, told The Washington Post that Skeens has always won big at the fair, but has “found new social media success” this year.

“If people are interested in meeting Linda, they just have to go to the next local county fair,” Franki Skeens told the Post.

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