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Community health centers offer a pathway to better health

“Community health” describes a non-incentive relationship between clinical practitioners that provides a better way to deliver health care. The operational philosophy underlying community health is called “integrated care”. The best models of integrated care provide health care teams that treat the patient “as a whole”. This approach dramatically improves the quality of patient care and promotes positive patient outcomes.

Integrated care increases patient satisfaction by delivering efficiencies in critical areas for patients, families and employers. Patients save time, energy and money by avoiding multiple appointments with different clinicians on different days and in different locations. With integrated care, patients can schedule multiple appointments in the same location on the same day with a team of collaborating professionals. This approach reduces patient days off work and associated lost wages, as well as the cost of transporting patients to and from multiple appointments. Families with multiple health conditions don’t have to choose which appointments to keep and which to cancel, and they don’t have to choose between receiving medical or dental care.

Integrated care also increases patients’ access to health care by reducing costs for employers, patients and insurance companies. With efficiencies gained through clinical collaboration and cooperation, the elimination of multiple treatment plans and appointments, and the reduction of the critical time between clinical diagnosis and treatment, integrated care plays a major role in reducing the high cost of health care. Another goal is to see more patients more often, thereby ensuring continuity of patient care. The path to better patient health lies in managing costs through integrated care.

Advantage Health Centers has been a leader in providing integrated care for over two decades. With five convenient locations in Detroit and Warren, Advantage offers medical, behavioral health, dental and pharmaceutical services by dedicated professionals focused on treating the “whole” patient. Founded in 1982, Advantage initially focused on providing comprehensive health care and support services to homeless people in the greater Detroit community. Today, Advantage has more patient visits for medical, dental and behavioral health services than any other physician group in the city of Detroit.

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Advantage Health Centers Logo

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