A muffin-stealing cat steals the heart of the internet

Cat Steals Muffin and the Heart of the Internet in Hilarious Video: ‘Rookie Mistake’

A cat caught on camera stealing muffins from its owner’s stove has Reddit users laughing, dubbing the feline thief “a cute little prick”.

Posting the clip to the r/CatsAreA******* forum on Tuesday, user elphaba16 shared the video of his mischievous black cat Nerien stealing the baked goods, while his brother, a ginger cat called Kelvin, stares in disbelief.

Alongside the video, she wrote, “I made muffins and let them cool on the stove. What a rookie mistake.”

Reddit users couldn’t believe the audacity, with ChalkButter asking, “Did that cat just steal a muffin?”

To which clouddevourer replied, “The orange kitten can’t believe it either.”

“I like the way he [walks] with its prey to safely devour it under the table,” I_know_kung_fu said.

“What an adorable little jerk.”

Cat behavior expert Anita Kelsey says cats steal for a number of reasons. In the old days, Newsweek reported felines taking straws and even a bathroom mat.

Kelsey said Newsweek“Sometimes it’s a form of hunting and all cats are hardwired for predation.

“Some cats [steal] out of boredom. Cats are also very curious and kittens learn objects by mouth.”

As cat owners already know, common items that cats steal include headbands, cotton swabs, clothesline items, and children’s stuffed animals. Kelsey said it was because cats were attracted to certain textures or objects and could even form “collections”.

“[They] will ‘hunt’ them and then take them into hiding or take them home,” she explained.

Usually, a cat’s habit of stealing is more humorous than harmful, but Kelsey says there are things you can do if your burglar cat gets out of hand.

stop the thief

She said: “It can get annoying, especially if your cat steals the one next door [underwear] clothesline!

“If they fly indoors, try to figure out why. Is it because they are bored? In that case, try to alleviate the boredom by getting new toys and climbers etc.

“If you’re outdoors, you may need to warn neighbors and block off areas that your cat easily enters.”

Elphaba16 told Newsweek that she has set up the security camera to record the sweet interactions between her pets, including two dogs named Joule and Tesla, when she is not at home.

“[Nerien] wants nothing to do with other pets and will often express annoyance if they invade her space,” she said.

“He’s very vocal and shares his opinions with us almost constantly. He’s definitely a troublemaker and loves to walk around the house and jump on counters and shelves.”

Other cat owners have shared their own stories of misbehaving felines.

Rainbow Iron commented, “If we leave out the muffins, my cat will nibble on the top of each a bit.”

_Oh_susana wrote: “This morning I left a plate of French toast unattended. When I came back one of my cats was licking the syrup.”

While no one knows, everyone said, “My cat, after discovering a loaf of bread or scones unattended in a plastic bag: ‘Great! Bread! Time to chew some plastic.’

“My cat, after chewing the plastic to get to the bread: ‘Eww, disgusting! Bread! I’m going to spit this out right now!'”

A muffin-stealing cat steals the heart of the internet
A stock photo of a cat trying to steal pastries from a kitchen table. Nerien’s owner says the black cat is known to be a “troublemaker”.
Mihail Ulianikov/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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